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Devoted To is a directory of fansites created by the fans. These fansites are created by the people dedicated to someone or something they love with a passion. With this directory it is easier to find other people with a passion similar to yours.

You can add your fansite to this directory by clicking here, and let other people enjoy your passion.

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Latest Entries
Movies & TV > Actresses > J > Julia Roberts

Movies & TV > Actresses > K > Keira Knightley
The Keira Knightley Celebrity Fan site

Music > Musicians & Singers > C > Christina Milian

Movies & TV > Actors > T

Books > Fantasy > Harry Potter
Dumbledore's Other Army

Random Entries
Sports > Wrestling > Ravishing Rick Rude
Ravishing Rick Rude: A Remembrance

Movies & TV > Actors > V > Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer Newsletter

Movies & TV > Actors > T > Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Movies & TV > TV Shows > Science Fiction > Star Trek > Deep Space Nine
TV Tome: Deep Space Nine

Movies & TV > TV Shows > Comedy > Monty Python
Castle Cleveland

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